Date 1

Btw, my content will be pretty graphic and racy. I want to be as authentic and genuine about my dating so no holds barred. If you find material like this offensive, feel free to stop reading 🙂 I’m pretty liberal and open about my life. It’s just who I am. I’m not doing it for shock value or anything. Usually I don’t share everything with complete strangers, but I don’t plan on running for office. So what’s the worst that can happen?

Okay…so my first date after I moved to NYC. I was perusing Cougar Life, because well, I really like younger guys. I find they have less baggage and less ex-wives. I came across this profile of this guy named Jhon. And no I’m not protecting anyone’s name. Because well, eff that noise.

So I was talking to this Jhon guy, and he was like “when was the last time you had sex”? So i said about 3 years ago. Yes. I didn’t have sex for 3 years. THATS how much relationships have fucked me up. The trust issues didn’t help. So he’s like “can I come over”? I figured I should get back into the sex pool. Not to be confused with sesspool. Though they kind of are the same thing. I asked him where he lived. And he said NJ, but the town was like in the middle of NJ. Not even Newark or Hoboken. So about an hour and 15 minute drive. I said sure. Which is probably not the most prudent or safe thing to do, but he had a FB profile, so I figured he’s not a serial killer (also im totally being sarcastic). But i just had a feeling he was okay. He actually friended me on FB before he came over.

While he was driving I noticed he unfriended me. So I texted him and said “we arent facebook friends anymore” and he’s like “i dont know what happened”?? But i knew exactly what happened because I am very smart and know how people think. That this was purely a booty call, which I am also not used to. I mean I’ve had sex with guys I wasn’t in relationships with, but we actually saw each other regularly.So i was thinking I’ll let this slide (twss?). Anyway, he got to my apartment and was way better looking than his photo. I was wearing a tank top and pajama bottoms and he asked if he could touch my breasts. So i was like sure. And then he said he wanted to take a shower and that i should jerk him off in the shower. So I am pretty easy going. I said why not. He got out of the shower and we got into bed. We had sex (it was probably a 6 out of 10). Not too creative but a nice looking penis. And then like 10 minutes later he was out the door. I never heard from him again. But at least my dry spell was broken.

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