Date 2

So my friend from work decided to change my age range on my Tinder as well as swipe right on a ton of guys while i was getting coffee. Yes, we are still friends. It’s very hard to stay mad at him. But no, I will never let him touch my cell phone again. Anyway, he changed the age range from 18-28. I think I had 29-45 or something. I got like 5000 “super likes”. One of the people he swiped on I actually thought was cute. He was one of the “super likes” And he was 28 so near the cusp of the beginning of my age range. So i swiped back. A lot of swiping …so this acci-swipe was this guy named Adan. He was a photographer. We chatted for a little bit. His mom was British and his dad was Moroccan. We met for drinks near my apt. I make almost every guy shlep out to Queens. I think i feel safer in my ‘hood. After talking for awhile over drinks we came back to my place. I found out he was Muslim. And I am Jewish but that didn’t bother me. We made out for awhile and then he left. The next week he came over and we drank some wine and watched tv. And then slept together. And he was really good in bed. When we’re lying in bed after sex, I said to him “So….how do you feel about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict?” Because of course I’m the most ill-timed awkward person on the planet. I am NOT one for cutesy small talk. 😀 He actually said he doesn’t know why people are so mean to the Jews and every Jewish person he’s ever met has been really nice. He said after what the Jews went through they deserve Israel. That they fought a war and won. I was actually quite astounded. Then out of nowhere he  said my blow-jobs were “magical”. Which was also oddly-timed but a really nice compliment. And also made me forget about my post-coital current affairs question. He didn’t run after that conversation. We saw each other for like a month after that but I have A.D.D. when it comes to men and I get very bored quickly. So I told him i met someone and moved on. He kept texting me for awhile wanting to come over but I think he got the hint. Also, I hadn’t met anyone (well seriously…i was talking to a lot of guys), but I’m very passive-agressive and didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Plus, very few guys give that nice of a bj compliment. And they say chivalry is dead.

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