Date 3

The third person I dated was from Georgia and currently lived in NYC. He worked for the Department of Homeland Security. He couldn’t tell me exactly what he did. But clues helped me figure it out. We went out to dinner on a date. He liked really large breasted women, so I don’t think it mattered to him what type of personality I had. He didn’t really look at my face. His name was Ryan, btw. After our date he had to go to Switzerland on behalf of the DHS. I asked him to bring me some Swiss chocolate back. He got back two days later and came over (by this time we had been speaking regularly for a month). With Swiss chocolate in hand. We started talking and he reaches into his bag (he had to catch a flight after hanging out) and pulls out a Glock. I kid you not. I was like wtf?? Because he had top government security clearance (way more than what Jared Kushner has) he was allowed to bring it on the plane. I asked him to put it away. I’m not a fan of guns or guys I don’t know super well bringing guns into my apt. I knew he wasn’t gonna shoot me though. Why would he spend money on Swiss chocolate for me just for him to see it wasted? He also told me he had 5 different passports. We ordered in dinner and then for dessert had sex. He hung out for a little bit and I asked him where he stood politically. I think he said he leaned conservative. I’m TERRIBLE at the after sex talk. He then had to catch his flight. He got back a few days later. We met up again a few times and then like 3 weeks later told me he was being transferred to their Atlanta office. So that was the end of that. I didn’t lose much sleep over it. I’m not a fan of Southern accents. Or guys that just look at my boobs. Or guns. Or conservatives.

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