Date 6

I got a message from a guy on Cougar Life. He was I believe 30 and said he was an attorney. He looked decent (no gauges in his ears, no mohawk, did not look like a member of a gang)…he was kind of preppy. We started talking and seemed to get along well. He knew my stance on not wanting a relationship, more like a FWB type of situation. He was going to come to my apt and we were going to go out to dinner. Prior to making plans with him, I had called Task Rabbit to clean my apartment. Unfortunately the Task Rabbit lady was running late (2 hours) and he got to my apartment early, so I told him we have to stay until she gets here and while she cleans. He seemed cool with it. So we ordered food in. Now I live in a studio. And because of that, I have a love seat instead of a couch in my “living” room. So we were sitting on the love seat. I found out he was an unemployed attorney (he got let go…i did not ask for details). And the Task Rabbit lady finally shows up. It was the MOST awkward thing ever. The guy (Sal) and I were sitting on the couch watching tv while she was cleaning. I did not know what to do. Like do I help her clean? Do we leave the apt (which i didn’t want to do because I never met her before)…So finally two hours later she left. And then I said I’m going to bed, thinking he would leave (I was not feeling any type of love connection). And he goes “I drove all the way here from Brooklyn…so I’m going to stay the night”. Now I hadn’t been dating all that long since I had started again, and i wanted to kick him out, but I wasn’t sure what the correct response would be. So I said fine, you can sleep over. Oh and prior to this, we had made plans to go out the following Saturday. So he got into bed next to me and started making out with me and dry humping me. And I was like “I’m really tired” and he goes “So you only want friends with benefits…huh? I’m not having sex with you”….and I was like what the fuck. The NERVE of this guy. I didn’t even want to fool around with him. I told him to please get off me and stay on his side of the bed. Which he did. The next morning I told him I had things to do so he had to leave. And he left. And then he had the nerve to tell me to let him know where we should go for dinner on Saturday. My head was spinning from the entire cluster fuck of the prior night. And the complete lack of self awareness he displayed. No wonder why he got fired from his lawyer job. So after he left I texted him and said I couldn’t make it on Saturday. I had a friend coming into town. I hate lying but even though he was a total asshat, i STILL hate hurting people’s feelings. He messaged me for a bit and I kept ignoring his messages. He then tried to start a words with friends game with me. I declined his invite. I think he finally got the hint because he stopped calling/texting/mind-fucking me. On the plus side, the Task Rabbit lady did a great job on my apartment. I gave her a good review.

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