Date 7

As I was swiping through Tinder one night, I got a “super like” from this guy. He was really cute and a pharmacist. So I was like…nice…a guy with a job. You can tell I set my standards high. And btw I’ve changed SO much since then. But I digress…this guy was 33. Seemed like he had his shit together. We started talking. He lived in Brooklyn but worked at a pharmacy in Long Island. We met at a restaurant in Queens (of course because God forbid I should traipse to Brooklyn). And he told me he had some pot and would I like to smoke. So I said sure. We went back to my place and got stoned. And we talked a large part of the night and had so much fun. We just made out for awhile and then fell asleep. He got up and left somewhat early because he had to go to work. We made plans to see each other again. He came over the next week and we ordered dinner and got stoned again. He said he gets really good stuff from a friend of his. I figured he’s a pharmacist, so maybe he knows his pot. Though Im assuming he just knows it because he smokes a lot. He asked me if I wanted to have sex. I said I’ve never had sex stoned. And he’s like “its so much fun!”. So i said okay. Firstly, I hate cotton mouth, and I forgot smoking does that to you, and secondly, I am the most clumsy person ever. So trying to be on top of him during sex, I kept falling off. I decided I would rather be sober if I’m going to have sex. So I actually know what’s going on and can keep my balance. He left the next morning and asked if I wanted to hang out again. I said sure but that I didn’t want to smoke. He was like “cool”….so he was going to come over that night. He said he had an errand to run first. So I said no prob! He was going to be at my place at 8. 9, 10, 11, 12…went by…no sign of him. I fell asleep. I get a call from him the next day. I found out what happened. He was delivering 15 pounds of marijuana for his friend (dealer) and got pulled over for a broken tail light. The cop smelled the pot (I’m pretty sure you can smell that much pot from New Jersey). And he got arrested. This was actually his second marijuana offense and because of that he could lose his pharmacy license (6 years of a Ph.D down the drain), and also go to jail and have to pay a huge fine. I told him to keep me posted on what was happening with the situation. I texted him a few times and didn’t hear anything. About a week later i see he texted me “are you up” in the middle of the night (and no, I was not). I texted him back. He never texted me back after that. I think he is probably out of Rikers because like a year later I saw him again on Tinder. But since i don’t want to be arrested for aiding and abetting, i decided to swipe left. Sorry Leo.

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