Date 10

I met this guy Greg from Staten Island although Im not sure if it was on Tinder or Cougar Life. I told him Staten Island is too far for me to travel and he said he would drive to Queens for me. I don’t remember what he did. I think he was in finance but wanted to be in education. He was also about 10 years younger than i. So we decided one Friday night for him to come over and watch movies and order pizza. Oh..and drink wine. I asked him if he knew how to install a firestick ( not a euphemism). He said he was pretty tech savvy and that it would be no problem. The night he decided to come over it was a torrential downpour. He got to my apt completely drenched. He had to park kind of far because parking is bad in my neighborhood and he had no umbrella. It was dripping from head to toe. I gave him a towel and a t-shirt (it’s nice when exes leave things at my apt). And when he was dried off as sufficiently as he could, I said “can you install the firestick now?” So poor guy just came in from a torrential downpour but I was so excited I was going to have Netflix on my tv! So while he’s trying to figure it out I ordered pizza for us. He brought wine to my apt. And it was Rose’. Which I am a sucker for. So once he got the firestick hooked up we watched a subtitled horrible sci fi movie on Netflix and ate and drank. And i drank some more. And before you know it, I was completely buzzed. Like room was spinning buzzed. I asked if we could lay in bed because i needed to lay down. And he obliged. It didn’t take long before we would up hooking up. I was so buzzed though that i had no coordination and was dizzy. Everything I did was in slow motion. I couldn’t stay on top of him. I started laughing. I think he finished. I don’t really remember. We both fell asleep and woke up the next morning. He had something to go to which I was fine with (even if he made it up) because I just wanted to take an aspirin and sleep some more. He called me a few weeks later wanting to come back over. I said sure we could hang out but then called me that night and said he was sick. I also don’t know if that was made up. Regardless, I do think of the guy every time I watch Netflix/Amazon or Hulu on my tv.

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